IO E TE, which translated means me and you, is a simple and persuasive little motto which can link both friends and lovers with jewellery. Given as a present, it has always got its own private and treasured little story. My jewellery which is made in Germany embraces more than just love and personal commitment since the stones which I have chosen are all Fair Trade products and the gold and silver are recycled.

This means:

*all raw materials from conflict-free zones

*no child labour

 *produced without chemicals

*gold and silver recycled using optimal environmentaly friendly techniques

The latest little gem from IO E TE: "Name it" - design a personal ring and choose your own word(s) or symbol.

This by the way is possible with any ring on my website.

Without a stone, or with,  In silver, yellow or white gold. Contact me for some ideas for your own very personal ring.

x Daniela

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